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Weekend Sinatra Project: ScrapSauce (or Making Leftovers Useful Again)

In learning how to program, I’ve amassed a bunch of old code lying around from past projects and courses. A lot of these projects were done with and by friends, half unfinished, with code that was limited by things I didn’t know back then. In a way, they’re leftovers. As an exercise in building a Sinatra app with data persistance, I thought instead of creating something completely new from scratch, it might be nice to revisit an old codebase and extend it, adding a database and server component with my new ActiveRecord and Sinatra knowledge.

Trust Data, Not Lore: SQL Joins Visualized

Sound advice from Star Trek The Next Generation.

Crypto Compare: A Ruby Gem to Track Crypto Currency Valuations

Which is more real? The currency on or off screen?

Ruby Game Theory: Tic-Tac-Toe with A.I.

Computer from the film ‘War Games,’ 1983

Code as Metaphor: Learning Object Orientation

When I started coding as a hobbyist a few years ago, I began by seeing a computer program as a simple list of tasks for the computer to follow. I would write the logic of my first simple programs as a series of statements to be carried out in succession, like a check-list. Information, or so-called data, was passed around the program ecosystem, and procedures, or so-called functions, were things that manipulated the data. As a paradigm, this is called Procedural Programming.